Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Activity Sticks

"Mum, I'm bored!"

How many times have you heard your kids say this?
Too many, if your kids are like mine

So I made some activity sticks.
On coloured lollipop sticks I wrote different activities, they simply pick one and do what it says.
I couldn't find anything to keep the sticks in so I just spray painted (Love that stuff) an empty innocent veg pot.

Here are a few of the activities:
play with lego
watch a dvd
make a collage
play hide and seek
play monsters
pull weeds
read a book
play on the wii
go for a walk
go to the park
have a water fight
have a dance competition
do jumping jacks
have a fashion show
put on a play
write a story
draw a self portrait
play with figures
play restaurants
and loads more

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Kids Heart Picture


I know Valentines day as been and gone but I just had to share these cute heart pictures my kids made.
and it doesn't have to be valentines day to make these, you can make them anytime! These would make a lovely gift for grandparents

All you need is a heart punch and some pink, red or lilac scrap paper and a sheet of white paper and some glue

I punched the hearts out for my two youngest (2 & 3 years old) as my punch is a bit stiff and a little too tricky for the kids

Then they just glued the hearts all over the white paper

Here's Caitlin with her picture

 And here's Aaron with his

This post first appeared on Serenity You
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