Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Lolly Stick Knitting

This craft is more for older children or for you to do for your children.
I have recently discovered finger knitting. I found a good YouTube tutorial on how to do it here. So using this I quickly finger knitted Posy’s teddy a scarf.
Posy was happy about the new scarf. But making this also gave me another idea, to make it bigger.
I quickly got some craft sticks, but popsicle/lolly sticks will work just as well. I glued these onto a piece of corrugated cardboard, and glued another piece of card on top.
I then used the sticks instead of fingers. I weaved the wool like shown below.
You need to go back and forth weaving until you have 2 lines of wool either side like the pic above. You then using the last stick pull the bottom loop up and over the stick leaving the top loop one where it is. Continue to do this until you just have 1 row of the wool. when you get to the thread just place this to the back of the board.
Weave 1 more line of wool back and forth just once until you once again have 2 lines of wool, pull the bottom loop up and over the stick leaving just 1 row again. Keep repeating and your knitting will quickly grow.
Keep going until you have your desired length.
To finish you take the last loop and place it on top of the loop next to it.
You then use this as the second loop so pull the bottom loop up and over the top. Then repeat the process take the last loop place it on the stick next to it and pull up and over. Keep repeating until you have the last loop.
Cut the wool and thread the end of it threw the loop. Take it off the loop and tie both ends off.
Posy was ecstatic that she and her teddy had the same scarf.

This post was originally published on What to do with the Children

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