Monday, 25 March 2013

A Muddy Day Outside

snow, mud, playing outside, preschool, kindergarten, water, trains
Yesterday, Engineer and I had a
mud snow day.  All of the schools were closed because of sleet, slush, and snow.  Snoopy and Little Hurricane came over for part of the day, and we were looking forward to playing out in the little bit of snow on the ground.  
preschool, kindergarten, water, mud, snow, playing outside
Of course, by mid-morning, the snow was already starting to melt!  The boys were rather disappointed at first, until they discovered the melting snow was leaving mud in its wake!  Then they were all about staying outside to play.
water, mud, playing outside, snow
Snoopy used a Thomas the Train bath toy in the water and mud, while Engineer had a red toy tractor.  The older boys used the train and tractor to move mud and grass.  They also had fun making up stories involving mudslides, overflowing dams, and rivers gone wild.
mud, snow, water, playing outside
Little Hurricane spent most of his time jumping and splashing in every available puddle!  When he wasn’t doing that, he was looking at the water drain pipes.  His puddle-jumping drove the older boys crazy, but everyone was happy once he’d found a puddle in a different spot.
water, mud, snow, puddle jumping, playing outside
All of the boys were rather fascinated by the drain pipes and how they transport water.  Snoopy enjoyed using the draining water to clean off Thomas after playing in the mud and grass.  Little Hurricane just liked putting his hand into the flowing water (at least until his hands got too cold).  Engineer was focused on planning how to fix a leak higher up in the drain pipe!
water, mud, snow, playing outside, water drain
Yes, this was pretty messy play, but it was FUN.  If it hadn’t been for the cold winds and the boys’ need for food, we would have stayed outside the entire day!  This play helped the boys explore a variety of concepts through play:
  • States of matter (specifically solids and liquids)
  • Water’s phase changes (as ice warms, it changes to water)
  • Water flows in a downward direction
  • Water mixed with dirt creates mud
  • Ground soil absorbs water
How do your kiddos play with mud?

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