Thursday, 7 March 2013

J. Crew Knockoff Tutorial

J. Crew $62.50
Mine $8

 Supplies Needed:
Tank or T-shirt that are form fitting (Old Navy $4)
1/2 yd lining fabric (Joann's w/ coupon $2)
1/2 yd outer fabric, Crepe backed Satin (Joann's sale $2)
matching thread, silky
rotary cutter and mat
paper, ruler, pen
sewing machine

You'll need to create a pattern for the liner:

For a 2T-3T:
from fold:6.5 inches at top
from fold: 8.25 inches at bottom
9.5 inches tall

For a 4-5:
from fold: 7.25 inches at top
from fold: 9.25 inches at bottom
11 inches tall

Using a ruler, connect from top corner to bottom corner, opposite of fold side. 

Here is my liner pattern in 2T-3T. 
You can see the 6.5 inches at the top and the fold mark.


You will need to create a pattern for the outer skirt:

For a 2T-3T:
from the fold: 14.75 inches at the bottom
from the fold: 12 & 3/8 inches at the top
12 & 5/8 inches tall 
bump: 2 inches up from bottom and out 1 inch

For a 4-5:
from the fold: 15.25 inches at the bottom
from the fold: 13 & 3/8 inches at the top
14.25 inches tall
bump: 3.5 inches up from bottom and out 1 inch

I was lazy and didn't make a full size pattern, I just measured from the fold to 14.75".
This will at least give you an idea of what your pattern should look like. 
Draw a short line to the bump mark from bottom corner and then again from the top corner.

CUT OUT TWO PIECE of outer fabric!

With right sides together, sew up short sides of the liner, set aside.
With right sides together, sew up short sides of outer skirt.
Then sew a running or gathering stitch around the bottom hem of outer skirt.

Slip liner into outer skirt (right sides together) with bottom hems lined up as well as seams.
Pull your running stitch until outer is gathered and lines up with liner.
Pin and sew into place.

This is what you should have:

 Flip the outer skirt right side out and push liner back through.
Stitch another gathering line across the outer skirt top hem.
Pull until even with liner.
Pin and sew.

 So now you should have this:

Now flip that whole thing inside out and slip over tank top.
Bottom hem facing up.

Line up with a stripe, about 1.5 inches up from hem.
You might need to stretch the tank just a little as you go.
I pinned mine down to help keep it in place for the next step.

Flip the hem up and pin, sandwiching the skirt.
I pulled my pins from lining it up, flipped, then pinned.
Sew about 1/4 inch from the left side of your flipped hem.
This will hide your running stitch and tuck unfinished edges away.
 Almost finished! Just need to make that cute accent flower.
You can find the tutorial here.

Cute and girlie! 

 Éowyn is on the short side, so her skirt rides a little long, 
but Afton's fits just about perfect, hitting at the knees.
I used the 2T-3T pattern for both, however I used different sized tanks.

 And of course, I always get to make two of everything! ;)
The twins have to match right?

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