Saturday, 9 March 2013

Circle Painting

painting with bottles and cirles
Girly Girl and Engineer requested a painting activity the other day, and I was happy to oblige.  I thought it might be fun to use some everyday items to paint circles.
painting with circular items
I gathered an old baby food jar, straws, beads, an old travel cup , part of a mason jar lid, a two liter soda bottle, a circular cookie cutter, and an old medicine bottle.  Each of these items had at least one part that could be used to make a circle print.  I also grabbed some white paint and construction paper for the kiddos to use.
painting with circular items
Both Girly Girl and Engineer had fun seeing the different ways each item could make a circle.  They tested the different size circles each item made.
painting with circular items
Engineer especially liked using the two liter soda bottle.  He discovered that he could make splatters of paint by squeezing the bottle.  He was rather gleeful in telling me, “when the air comes out of the bottle, it makes the paint do this!”
painting with circular items
Girly Girl also had a good time with the two liter bottle, but for a different reason.  She tested out the bottom of the bottle to see what kind of print it would make with paint.  It looked rather like a flower, much to her delight.  After trying out a few prints using the bottom of the bottle, she also decided to use her finger prints to make flowers.
painting with circular items
Engineer decided to join Girl Girl in making some flower prints using paint on the bottom of the soda bottle.  He used the rim of the baby food jar to make the middle of the flower, then used his finger prints to add more petals to the flower.
painting with circular items
And, of course, the finger prints  led to some painting with hand prints.  Thank goodness I always use washable paint with the children!
painting with circular items, hand print painting

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