Friday, 29 March 2013

Doh Much Fun!

In case you missed our previous post about my homeschooling resolve in 2013, one of the things I’m focusing on is being less “boring” around my kids. So, I’m trying to add in more art play since everyone loves art in our house. Enter a morning of Play-Doh…
I’ve actually had this Play-Doh set for a while but we haven’t played with it nearly enough over the years.
Roo was content to sit and make Play-Doh ice cream all morning.
Pooh used multi-colored Play Doh to make some pretty colorful dreadlocks on a plastic pig.
As someone who has dreadlocks, I was only moderately offended.
Tigger made a blue mohawk on her purple rooster.
Pretty sharp, huh? I think I’m raising a house of future hairdressers.
Christopher Robin is home from work today, so we’re enjoying the day with him. Hope you’re all having a good day as well!

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