Sunday, 31 March 2013

Papa'a Pillow Forts

When it comes to building things, Papa is our go to guy.
Whether it is train tracks, or pillow forts, Papa just has this out of the box way of thinking that makes for great outcomes.

When I build something, it turns out ok. It looks much like how I think it should.
But when he builds something, it comes out being this abstract, creative work of art.

With working a lot of hours lately, Papa tries to be sure and spend as much time with the girls as he can. Luckily, we co-sleep with both girls. So he gets all night snuggles which helps him stay connected with them. But some days he gets very little play time. So pillow forts are sometimes the greatest way for him interact with our little ladies.

The girls are all about it. Oh the giggles that follow one of his builds.
It is amazing to see how he has grown into such a great man. We have been together since we were only 15 and 16. And were the best of friends even before that! It will have been 8 years ago that he asked me to be his Valentine. Who says first loves don't last? It wasn't always easy, but we pulled it off.

Both girls love him so much. But Squirrely has a special bond with him. One that she has had with him ever since his hands were the first hands that held her tiny newborn self. Bunny has always been a bit of a Mama's girl, which I love. But Squirrely is Papa's girl. It is a good thing I breastfeed, or she wouldn't need me at all. With him, she is fearless. Because with him, she never has any reason to fear. Why fear falling when you know someone will always be there to catch you? He always has, from the very beginning.

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